Teaching the Art & Science of Options Trading

Teaching the Art & Science of Options Trading

Teaching the Art & Science of Options TradingTeaching the Art & Science of Options Trading

Bill Johnson


Bill started Options A to Z in 2006. In 1995, he was hired by the brokerage giant Charles Schwab where he worked for nearly six years on an active trader options team. He also worked on specialized technical analysis and fundamental analysis teams. He was part of Schwab's first initial public offering (IPO) team for Berkshire Hathaway Class B shares.

Bill was also a subject matter expert for Schwab and selected to write compliance-approved manuals and teach the corresponding weeklong courses in Option Strategies, Pricing, and Hedging.

In 2000, Bill accepted a position as the Chief Options Strategist for 21st Century Investor, an independent investment research, education, and advisory service. He wrote two online educational courses that enrolled more than 300,000 students worldwide. During his last year, Bill was a regular host of the 21st Century Alert Radio show, which aired daily on WNN Financial Radio 1470 AM.

Today, when not teaching options, he's also a ghostwriter for many financial magazines including, Forbes, Fortune, Worth, and Heritage Auctions.