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FRAUD ALERT: Flavian Barrett

One of the benefits of Internet technology is that we can freely transfer information thus creating better ways to make decisions. However, an unfortunate side is that it also creates an easy way to steal work from others.

I have had two instances of this occurring (that I know of). One time, my first book “An Investor’s Guide to Understanding and Mastering Options” was being sold on eBay as being written from another.

Now, I am finding more stolen information and want to alert others in the industry about a flagrant abuser by the name of Flavian Barrett, who runs a web site called “” and also runs an Internet marketing company called “Grow with You.”

He claims to be a “self-made investor” by studying for – get this – two whole years!  During this extended period of devoted self-study of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, precious metals, currencies, interest rates, and macro and micro economics, he claims to somehow have also mastered “the art and science of options trading” (the tag line from Options A to

So how does this super-human computing genius absorb all of this information to produce hundreds of articles, books, and webinars to sell? Simple: He steals it.

On, you can find his article entitled “ThinkorSwim – Tutorial-How-to-Exercise-Put-Options.” It is nearly 100% directly copy/pasted from my YouTube video “Options A to Z - Exercising Options in Think or Swim” beginning about

Another HubPages article of Flavian Barrett’s is entitled "ThinkorSwim-Tutorial-How-to-determine-the-price-of-Options-The-Black-Scholes-Model-Lesson-2” is also nearly 100% copy/pasted from my YouTube video “Options A to Z – Exercising Options in Think or Swim” beginning about 4:38 on the timeline.

It is apparent where Flavian Barrett gets his information from since he also links from his HubPages articles to my YouTube videos as “supplemental information.” How do you like that? He steals the information directly from my videos, takes full credit, and then links to my videos for more information.

His business model is simple: He steals content from others and posts them as his own articles in order to gain recognition in the search engines. Once he is established as the “expert,” he can sell worthless manuals, webinars, and trading courses to unsuspecting investors.

It is obvious that Flavian Barrett doesn’t know a single thing about options, which is evidenced by his inability to differentiate between “to and two” or “industries and “industry’s” in his articles. Simple numbers less than two and basic use of plurals baffle him but he goes into intricate detail about the workings of the Black-Scholes Model. It must have been some intense study time that forced him to forget all things he learned in third grade. But hey, at least he’s now a certified stock market investing guru, author of hundreds of investing articles, and listed as an “expert” on HubPages.

I am posting this page in hopes that others who have stumbled upon Flavian Barrett’s articles and think they sound suspiciously like something they’ve written, it’s probably another case of stolen information. Check your web sites, books, and videos.

More importantly, it is my hope that anyone wishing to understand the market, especially options, be wary of any of Flavian Barrett’s information, whether from a live webinar, book, or manual. The written information on his web site or other sites such as or may be compelling, but that’s only because it’s probably stolen. But when it comes time for Flavian Barrett to transfer that information to you so that you can invest your hard earned money, you will find that he just doesn’t know the information – despite his two-year extensive self-study of the markets that made him the self-made investor options guru expert that he proclaims to be.

Unlike Flavian Barret, who refuses to post a single link on his web site or articles with a way to contact him, I am posting my information here if you have any questions:

Bill Johnson
CEO, Options A to

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