A to Z in Three

Looking for a Three-Day Training Session
on a Specific 

“A to Z in Three” Is Your Answer!


A to Z in Three
 offers three-day training sessions covering one of many challenging topics facing option investors. Right now we are offering two classes; one on “Volatility” and the other covering the “Greeks.” More will be added later.
While most investors have heard of these esoteric subjects, few understand them at a level necessary to be useful. Unfortunately, they are the foundation for successful options investing. They are a necessity if you wish to profit over the long run.
We chose these topics specifically because they are so important yet generally hard to find. In most cases, they are only taught as a short segment in advanced books or seminars. In order to gain this specific knowledge, you’d have to dig through mountains of books or take long, expensive seminars hoping to catch a small preview. 

Because of this, most option investors are never exposed to these critical tools and continue investing without them. There is probably no bigger mistake in all of option investing. Understanding these topics is essential.
As part of our goal to teach investors the art and science of options trading, we’ve created three-day classes focusing on a single key topic. They are short in time but big on content!

At a price of just $199,
It’s a low-risk way to uncover the risks 
you never knew about!

Each class starts by delivering a little theory to create a strong foundation. But don’t let the word “theory” intimidate you. We present the material in a clear, easy-to-understand way so that that you understand the overall concept. The concept is the key for practical applications. You don’t need to memorize the mathematical formula for gravity to understand that skydiving involves risk. 

Once you learn to spot the dangers,
you will see opportunities…
In a similar way, you need to identify where and why there may be unforeseen risk surrounding your option position. However, most investors fail to do anything about impending dangers. It’s not that they don’t care; they just don’t realize it’s there. Our first step is to teach you the concepts so that you can spot the dangers. Once you can see the dangers, you’ll also see the opportunities. 

Next, we show you how to put that theory to work. And that means better investment choices and performance. It’s combining the art and science that counts! 

Once you understand the theory and can apply it to your decision making, you’ll wonder how you ever invested without your newfound knowledge.  And at a price of $199, it is a low-risk way to uncover the risks you never knew existed.

How Do I Find Details About Each Class?
If you’d like to read more about the individual classes, please click the appropriate link in the right-hand margin of this page. If you have further questions, please email
bill@optionsAtoZ.com or call 561-282-9455.

How Much are the Classes?
Each class is $199 for the three-day (six hours) session.

Where are the Classes Held?
Each class is a live webinar – a seminar presented over the web. You’ll receive a link and a password by email. Just click on the link and you’re in the class! 

How Long is Each Class?
Each class is two hours long per day for a total of six hours. We will spend about 1.5 hours on the material and then leave the remaining time for Q&A.

When are the Classes?
New classes coming soon! Please check back or email bill@optionsAtoZ.com with inquiries. 

1. A to Z in Three – Volatility
    New classes coming soon.

2. A to Z in Three – Greeks
    New classes coming soon.

I look forward to having you in the class!


Bill Johnson

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